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Glowbot Commander is a free top-down shooter with some RTS controls added to the mix. Directly control a robot just like you would in a regular top-down shooter, or give the robot commands like you would in a RTS game. Buy as many robots as you want, upgrade them with different weapons and abilities, and see how many waves you can get through. Choose between 3 difficulty modes. Choose what wave you want to start out on (up to the highest wave you've gotten to), instead of always having to start completely over at wave 1.

You can also use the built in map editor to edit the maps or create your own.

The game is everything that I wanted it to be when I set out to create it. However, I still plan on further developing it and adding new features (the game will automatically update itself when these updates are available). Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated. You can leave a comment below or email me at alex@evansalex.com.


glowbot-commander-windows.zip 25 MB
Version 2 Mar 11, 2017

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